A New Way To Create

Sustainable Clothes You'll Love Forever

Drop 01 is an entirely new way to create clothes with a truly sustainable model. Over the past few months over 1,000 Who What Wear readers, aka our Insiders, have helped us create this perfect capsule collection just for you.

This is how each item has been developed for Drop 01 and the journey your clothes will go on once you’ve ordered.

1 | Designed by our editors and you

Every item in Drop 01 has been designed in collaboration between over 1,000 women just like you and our editors. Our Insiders community voted on their favourite designs, prints, materials and everything else about the clothes in Drop 01.

2 | Samples and testing

The most popular styles were made into samples, which we tested for fit and our Insiders provided further feedback about what they wanted us to create.

3 | On sale

We photographed 5 of the Insiders in Drop 01 along with our editors and some WWW friends to showcase each item’s unique style. Then every item is placed on sale for a very limited time. For Drop 01 we’ve also limited the amount of fabric we have available to make each style.

4 | Production

After we’ve started to take orders we start production. This allows us to remove the 30% of clothes that bands usually produce and then never sell. The money saved with this approach allows us to offer great prices, pay higher wages to garment workers and fund children in education around our factories.

5 | Delivery

4-6 weeks after your order you’ll receive your new sustainable pieces. They’re delivered by Royal Mail after being packed near our factory in Noida in India - it removes waste in the process to do this. We offset the carbon produced in the logistics of your delivery. We’ll keep you updated at every stage of production!

6 | Circular Style

In general, 30-40% of new clothes ordered online are returned - often just for being the wrong size. If you don’t love the fit of your items from Drop 01 you can swap with someone else using our Swap platform - helping to remove waste and to create a circular fashion industry.

By making clothes in this new way, Drop 01 is:

Better for the environment

Cuttting waste, energy & resources by only producing what's sold

Better for society

Higher wages for the workers who make your clothes.

Better for you

Truly gorgeous, sustainable clothes at a great price!